There's a lot to cover when it comes to building your very own deck so let's get started and yes the title implies there will be a fancy system builder and some day there will be, but not yet.

​​This section grows & develops as more group members report back about their experiences with various hardware so come back often.



The choice in Cyberdeck brains aka Single Board Computer aka SBC have grown substantially and with choice comes added confusion as to what the best option actually is.



Many many things fall under this catagory so this list will never be complete. Keyboard and Mouse are your most basic yet best interface options for any computing device and the range in selections goes from ultra tiny to whole desktop sized and the price from $10 - $400 :-/


After picking a SBC you need to decide on what peripherals you want for interfacing with the deck, a display that's compatible with your visual needs, touch input too?, choose the size, resolution and interface (DSI, HDMI, DP-USB-C) are the most useful.


Now we must pick a method to build the casing, here's some great options. 3D printing, Hard Case, Sheet Metal, Expanded PVC Foam Board, Wood, Acrylic . 


All of this might be starting to sound like an expensive new hobby and the truth is it can really start to add up so let's take a moment to go over some budget options. Get creative with E-waste recycling. Thrift stores are a great resource. Check the bag section, you may find the perfect briefcase to base your deck around. Does $100-300 for a custom mechanical keyboard leave you feeling a bit sick? Again thrift stores have plenty of keyboards for -$10 and sometimes you find something unique like a trackball mouse. 


If you decide to go mobile use one of the recommended options in the links below as we have already tested dozens of boards and found most to be lacking but some great options as well.




  1. Use whatever power source came with the SBC or a compatible USB charger.

  2. USB battery bank, mind your wattage requirements.


  1. Laptop style power brick in whatever voltage you need.

  2. Lipo cell + Battery management and booster board.


Learn something, build something and have some fun along the way.


Time to research what the best linux OS for your SBC is.


Think you're ready to get started? Join the forum and start your very own project log to keep yourself organized and productive. It's even more enjoyable when you can share this hobby in real time with others in our Chat room, there's no gatekeeping here and we are all inclusive, everyone is welcome.



  1. Pick a SBC.

  2. Get a compatible LCD screen.

  3. Choose your medium(duct tape + hot glue?) for constructing the case.

  4. Other peripherals - keyboard, pointing device, speakers/headphones

  5. Powering your device - mains and or battery.

  6. Operating system, linux of some flavor.

The following list is a combination of recommended hardware provided by the community members.

 *2020 supply chains are broken and hardware is in very limited supply to please excuse any dead links or out of stock items. Affiliate links are used whenever possible to help support this site and keep it ad free.

Works Of Fiction 

Liquid Cool Detective Series

Technical Books

Pocket Ref 4th Edition - The most useful book ever written

Every Tool's a Hammer

SBC - Single Board Computer

Raspberry Pi 4 – 2GB/4GB

Raspberry Pi 3 A+

NanoPC-T4 RK3399 4GB

Z8350 Windows 10 Compute Stick 2GB DDR3/32GB

ODROID N2 SBC 4GB with Power Supply


4.3inch HDMI IPS LCD 800x480 Capacitive Touch

5.5inch HDMI AMOLED 1080 Capacitive Touch

7.0 Inch HDMI IPS LCD 1024×600 Capacitive Touch

10.1 Inch HDMI IPS LCD 1280x800 No Touch

13.3" HDMI+VGA IPS LCD 13.3inch 1080 No Touch


 Trackball Air Mouse 

USB Touchpad

RK61 Mechanical Keyboard

YMDK Carbon 61KeyCaps

K380 Bluetooth Keyboard


Mini Audio Amp

USB 3.0 Hub with Power Switches


Micro HDMI 90 Angled to HDMI (For Pi 4)

USB-C 3.1 to Left Angled 90 Degree 

Micro SD to Micro SD Extension Cable

USB-C USB 3.1 Panel Mount

Data Storage

High Speed SD/Micro Card Reader/Writer 4.0/UHS II

Samsung Evo Micro SD Card - high speed storage for OS

Samsung 256GB - 300MB/s USB 3.1 Flash Drive

Dual SD card switcher

Power System

5V 5Amp PSU + Jack

Raspberry PI Portable Power Pack

USB C Power Switch

16mm OD Momentary switc


M2 bolts - Multi pack

M3 bolts - Multi pack

M4 bolts - Multi pack

SDR - Software Defined Radio

NooElec SDR

NooElec Ham It Up v1.3 – RF Upconverter

SMA Panel Mount Cable For SDR

WIFI - Long Range Packet Injection

AWUS036AC WIFI Adapter

RP-SMA Panel mount cables

Bonus Attire

DSTIKE ESP8266 WiFi Wristwatch

Shield Visor Sunglasses

Cyberpunk Visor Sunglasses

This is what we got so far, that's it, why are you still here, go on now.

Consume, Sleep, Obay