The Cutlass XMT 19

By CaptNumbNuts

Ready For Launch, Captain

Seen here from left to right. Official Raspberry Pi4 Power Supply, Retractable CAT5E cable with red crossover adapter, the complete deck itself, small Rii i4 Bluetooth Keyboard, HMD (modified VisorX using a Samsung S5 with Lineage OS 16), and of course the carry strap that no good deck can go without. Album with finished pics and video can be found here: Full Worklog can be found here: https://imgur . com/a/pRgKOY7 As a fun sidenote, I made up some lore for the deck like many RPG players do: "The XMT-19 Cutlass [eXperimental Mobile Terminal, model 2019] was developed during the Corporate Wars as the premiere deck to be used by Elite NetRunners while also competing for a military contract to provide a mobile platform for use by Special Forces and Recon units. To accomplish these goals, a new Operating System was developed, the Mobile Assault Terminal & Remote Intrusion Command System [MATRICS]. Ultimately, the cost and development time for the OS led to delays and cancellation of the project by the Military and the manufacturer. A limited production run of only 100 units was made from the original order of 10,000 and saw limited use during the last days of the Corporate Wars. Despite all units being ordered for destruction for security reasons, this one managed to survive a mysterious failure of the company's massive shredder a decade later. This unit is number 42 of 100. It's new owner pieced it back together, gave it a new coat of paint to honor old military aircraft as well as a few upgrades. " 

Wiring it all up

Iwanted multi-colored wiring with some circuitry exposed to give the illusion that this was a salvaged unit that some NetRunner got hold of second hand and did some upgrades to get it going again. A little military polish with a little DIY mess. Most of these wires are shoved into that small area then covered up by another access hatch velcroed in. Here you can also see how the keyboard and USB hub were soldered to new 90 degree USB cables. The LiFePO4wered Pi+ unit also has a dedicated 5v output, it is used to power the USB hub, USB speaker (by way of the USB hub), WiFi adapter (by way of the USB hub), the LCD Display, and the red keyboard light. With one 16850 Lithium Iron Phosphate battery, it can power all of that and a Pi3 for approximately 3 hours in idle, about 1 hour if I'm doing something marginally intensive like a Youtube video, half hour for any CPU heavy work, or indefinitely if I leave the AC power adapter plugged in. It will last slightly longer if I leave the lights off. I do plan on upgrading the battery in the future. Militech stickers as a shout out to the tabletop RPG's Cyberpunk 2020, Cyberpunk Red, and the upcoming CDPR video game Cyberpunk 2077. Being a WWII aircraft paint scheme, I thought it needed a pin-up girl. I explained it to my Wife stating "It reminds me of you, Honey. Purple hair just like yours." She chuckled and said "I'll allow it." Pinup Girl and Militech stickers are from