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Listen up Deckers! Our first competition is about to begin. In celebration of our groups one year anniversary we present to you the first ever Cyberdeck design competition.

Join us Sunday Sept 27th from 6-9pm (Mountain Standard Time) for the first ever Cyberdeck Maker Mini Con, we will be streaming music all day, have workshops in the evening and be showing off all of the competition entries before the winner is accounted live!

The Challenge:

Design a Cyberdeck around the Pi Zero (W/H) SBC. Sounds simple right?

The Prizes:

1st place will receive the case you designed (3D modeled) printed in extreme high detail made by a MSLA resin printer in an exclusive composite resin, Cyberdeck Cafe decals and a Seeedstudio Xiao MCU. Runners up will get some special Cyberdeck Cafe decals.

The Where:

Cyberdeck discord server > zerodays channel

Join our discord server and post in the zero days channel informing us you are going to participate. You will be assigned a new role and red title. This serves as your registration so don't skip this step.

The When:

You have until Sept 25th 11:59pm (GMT-7) to submit your entry. At minimum Include all 3d models and a description of the hardware used and what its all for. Top 5 entries will be announced Sept 26th and move onto the final!

The Winner:

Announcement will be made Sept 27th 7pm'ish (GMT-7), time permitting the wining design will have been printed and shown during the announcement.

The Design Constraints:

The 3D printed portion of the design must fit in a total build volume of 100x62x140mm. Have a maximum of 5 printed pieces and the zero must be directly mounted to the case in some way, inside or out.

You can not submit someone else's design, we will know if you steal it from thingiverse and would be grounds for disqualification. You are welcome to take inspiration from existing things (after all everything's been made before).

There must be a display included in the design(LED blinking out morse code or binary would qualify). The rest is up to you, do us proud.

The Who:

Open to everyone anywhere, the winning design will be mailed in USA free of charge, outside USA we can try and find an economical shipping option as we don't want anyone to be left out.

The Judges:

Bootdsc, Msg, Lordh3lix, Lydia, Billieruben, MS3FGX, Neverused. Ever been to a roast? Expect nothing less than brutal yet fair examination of your creation by our stupendous panel of judges.

The Swag:

By popular demand we have added some ZeroDays swag to the Gift Shop!

Need some help getting started?

Head over to the Build O Magic page to find out more about what goes into building a Cyberdeck and join us at Discord for a chat.

Special thanks to all the members and mods who've made this group such an enjoyable experience and for everyone who uses the Cafe's affiliate links which has paid for this competitions, we have no sponsorship all of this is a community effort.

PS: Rules are made for bending and subject to change so check back daily for additions, retractions, design hints.


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