Journey Entry: Decker On the Run

Updated: Feb 24

It's happened again and this time i couldn't reach my go bag or even my reserve go bag in time, damn they getting good! All I have available was already strapped to my person before it all went wrong ways round. Let's just hope we can make it through the day my darlings (talking to his collection of electronics with half dead energy cells)

To recap: Awoke half dead and hung out from last night's marathon breaking every system from here to the medi sea.

BAng BanG BAng goes the door (and my head), whoever they are I'm not staying to find out, Ok out the back (PD's climbing up the fire escape) what in the hells, no time think later go out the emergency escape hatch aka filthy stinking trash shoot.

Isn't the first won't be last so I've stashed a backup of my backup at the train station lock up. Trouble was already waiting for me, three ugly suites all reading yesterdays e-paper, page 7 "cloned meat is murder" nobody here gives a cred. Just who are these creeps I thought to myself out loud doh nobody noticed, I brushed by with a crowd lifting creep number 1's Matrix-C28 Comm deck right out his bomber pocket.

The monolithic railway carries me out of the sprawl, good ill be harder to track out here, %~@# me sat comm is down again, Reg must've forgot to update this month's encryption block or worse those goons got to him firs... No no that's me just being paranoid or maybe not paranoid enough?

Front door:

Bang Bang Bang

Mr 9975 it's building maintenance, there's been a radon leak in the basement, we are getting everyone a hotel for the night while its fixed.

Back alleyway:

PD searching for a window shopper whos taken to stealing fire exit go bags.

Station Locker:

The three creeps? Unsatisfied customer hired knife men looking for a refund, they figure I owed at least a kidney.

It'll take me another 48h of rough living to piece it all together and when someone asks where I've been ill just say "Running from shadows"


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