The VirtuScope

By Bootdsc

3D printing, BIO Hacking, Open source engineering, Micronized electronics, White knuckle craftsmanship, What do these all have in common? Until recently nothing at all but wait you say "Isn't it the future yet?" why yes yes it is, welcome to the world of bespoke artisan gadgetry! I present to you the VirtuScope Cyberdeck, this fully 3D printed casing holds enough to gear up any Decker moving through the sprawl. 

Bree is a spirited and standout font that takes its inspiration from handwriting. It's sure to grab your reader's attention, especially in short paragraphs.

More then just some Cosplay this CyberDeck is a useful tool, a portable hardware hacking platform the “brains” of which is the latest model Raspberry Pi 4 (4GB) SBC and even though its brand new there exists an endless list of documented projects from all versions of the Rpi that are compatible with each other.


Like many other projects this one started out with staring at a shelf full of randomness and thinking to oneself “What if i glued this to that, paint it black and add some lights” now here i am a month later typing this from the vary machine i set out to build.

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Some of these are affiliate links, will receive $$$ from there use which helps pay hosting costs.


FDM Printer – Minimum 20x20x10cm build area

Filament – Prusa Galaxy BlackFilament

ron PLASoldering IronSolder

Very Fine 0.4mm

Electric Drill

Metric Drill Bit Set

4mm Thread Tap

Needle Files

Digital Calipers

Hobby Knife Set

Sanding Blocks

JB Qwik Metal Epoxy

Side Cutters 

Needle Nose Pliers 

Screw Drivers

Allen keys (Metric)

3D Models:

All Files On Thingiverse


Raspberry Pi 4 – 2GB or 4GB Version

MakerFocus Pi 4 Battery Board

RK61 Mechanical Keyboard

Micro SD extension cable 25cm

KeyCaps - YMDK Carbon 61

(Optional)7″ LCD with HDMI driver board

M4 Screws - Multi pack set

Micro HDMI to HDMI Ultra Thin Cable

High Speed SD Card Reader/Writer

Samsung Evo Micro SD Card - high speed storage for OS

2x 18650 Lipo Cells

5V High Amp PSU + Jack


NooElec SDR

NooElec Ham It Up v1.3 – RF Upconverter

SMA Panel Mount Cable For SDR

USB-A Female Socket

AWUS036AC Long-Range Wi-Fi Adapter

RP-SMA Panel mount cables for wifi card

16mm OD Momentary switch

Guitar Strap

Leather For Handle Wrap

USB-A to * Two Sacrificial USB cables


One of my goals for the Deck was to fit 20lb’s of stuff into a 10lb box and after compiling this hardware list it looks like I’ve blown right past that and will have to make a couple external ad-on boxes to fit the overflow.


Now that you have everything gathered get started printing the 3 largest frame pieces, i did this with a 1mm nozzle printing at 0.4 layer height, this saved a good amount of print time and the layer lines give a distinctive look to the case that i like.


The 3 piece frame gets glued and screwed together with JB Qwik and M4 bolts, the bolts help with alignment and add some support to a stress point at the base of the handle. JB Qwik is what IMO gives the best bond between PLA + anything else, it can be shaped sanded drilled and machined just like you would with any hard plastic. Next up print the braces, they provide a large surface area for the glue to make a good mechanical bond.


Printing and prep goes past the scope of this page and there’s plenty of great written and video instructions on the subject already. Finish the cleanup and prep, sand any surface to be glued, test fit everything, pre drill and tap every hole before you start gluing. 

The rest of the prints fit together in a very exact manner and should be easy to figure out just from a glance at the vid.